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At Smidge®, we craft your nutritional supplements in small batches with the utmost care, using only the cleanest ingredients <3 We created our line after healing our own serious health conditions with the sustenance on our plates. Along the way, we learned that mending the gut can maximize a real food diet, with the sparkling addition of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that our ancestors consumed. These nutrients are impossible to get from the standard American diet, and are even difficult to get from a locally-sourced, high-quality “real food” organic diet. And processed, commercial supplements with synthetic ingredients can throw health issues even more out of whack. So we set out to make our own, with a different approach. Because we’ve been there. Having decades of scientific research and a deep understanding of traditional cultures and diets from pioneering the real food movement, we made it a priority to know our customers’ needs and sensitivities just as well. So we gathered feedback from parents of children on the autism spectrum, people with chronic disease and those on very special diets, listening to their desperate calls for help when no one else would. The result is a collection even the most sensitive of the sensitive can consume, including probiotics, digestive enzymes, whole food vitamins and natural minerals. Highly researched, clean, sans fillers and effective. And Smidge® supplements are not just for the sensitive. They’ve been the choice of professional practitioners for more than a decade. Biohackers, elite athletes and health-conscious people also use them as an integral part of their wellness routines. But just a smidge. Whether you’re facing your own health challenge, want to nourish your body or just want to learn more, we understand and are here to help.