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Sensitive Probiotic - 60 Capsules | Smidge

Formerly GutPro Probiotic - 60 Capsules

Smidge Sensitive Probiotic has been formulated to support those with sensitive digestive systems. Convenient capsule form to benefit those that may not tolerate other kinds of probiotics.

• Pure probiotic powder with 8 strains

• Carefully chosen strains to avoid common reactions

• Helps to maintain regularity

• Supports gut health

• Supports the immune system

• Helps optimise nutrient absorption

Sensitive Probiotic Capsules supports digestion and intestinal health, while helping to reduce gas and bloating. The bacteria within each capsule may help with healthy skin, mood and good oral health. The strains included in this formula have been carefully selected to help boost immunity whilst minimising the potential discomfort experienced by those with sensitive stomachs when taking other types of probiotics. The capsules are less concentrated than the powder, so they are ideal for those just starting on probiotics. They are also great for travel.

Suggested use for adults is 2 capsules daily with food, children 1 capsule daily.


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