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Zinc Supreme - 90 Capsules | Designs For Health

Zinc Supreme ™ is an enhanced zinc supplement. Zinc is a ubiquitous mineral involved in many enzymatic processes, as well as proper immune and regulatory functions. Zinc Supreme is enhanced with vitamins B2 and B6, molybdenum, taurine and malic acid for optimal zinc supplementation. These nutrients work with zinc to provide exceptional utilization for our bodies to perform vital enzymatic reactions and functions.

• Supports healthy skin

• Can support immunity

• May help with proper growth and development

• Contributes to healthy metabolism

• May help regulate blood sugar levels

• Contributes to healthy reproduction system

Zinc helps maintain healthy skin and is also essential for growth and physical development. It contributes to the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Most aspects of reproduction in both males and females require zinc. This mineral is also vitally important for the immune system. The chelated form of the minerals in this formulation are more easily assimilated.

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