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Vitamin A Drops - 30ml | Seeking Health

Vitamin A Drops by Seeking Health is an easy and convenient way to increase vitamin A intake. Vitamin A is important for many aspects of health, including the immune system, skin health and vision. These drops provide vitamin A in the retinyl palmitate form, which is a highly bioavailable form that the body can use straight away.

- Helps to support the immune system and provides a source of antioxidants

- Helps to support healthy skin and may help to reduce dry skin or acne and speed up wound healing

- Supports eye health and vision and may help to reduce symptoms of dry eyes

- May support dental health and promote normal saliva production

- May be beneficial for both male and female fertility

- May be beneficial for vegetarians or vegans, whose diets are typically low in the active form of vitamin A

Vitamin A Drops is a highly-absorbable supplement with 100% preformed vitamin A as retinyl palmitate in liquid form. Vitamin A can come in two forms: either as beta-carotene, found in fruit and vegetables, or retinyl palmitate, found predominantly in animal products. The retinyl palmitate form is already biologically active, so it is better absorbed by the body, whereas beta-carotene needs to be converted in the body before it can be absorbed. A large proportion of people may have a gene variation that can affect their ability to convert beta-carotene into the active form. As a result, deficiency can occur, particularly in those who do not consume animal products. Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include dry or flaky skin, acne, dry eyes, infertility, immune issues, poor wound healing, birth defects or foetal heart disease or abnormality.

Vitamin A is important for many different aspects of health. It can help to support normal growth and development and helps to support wound healing and is important for healthy skin. Vitamin A may also help to support inflammation levels as it is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for protecting cells from damage by free radicals, which can contribute to ill health and ageing.

Suggested use is one drop by mouth daily.

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