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Vital Nutrients

Vital Clear - 942g | Vital Nutrients

Vital Clear by Vital Nutrients offers a supportive powdered blend of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and beneficial fats. It provides targeted liver and detox support and contains ingredients that may help to manage excess inflammation and balance blood glucose levels.

- Comprehensive multi-nutrient formula

- Supports healthy liver function

- May help to balance blood sugars with the inclusion of cinnamon and chromium

- Includes clean rice and pea protein

- Contains fibre to achieve satiety

- One shake a day serving

Vital Clear provides a wide range of nutrients that nourish the body and may help the liver carry out its vital detoxification function. The combination of nutrients may also help to balance blood glucose levels and reduce inflammation. Glycine helps to transform toxins into harmless by-products. Broccoli sprout powder is a powerful plant compound that helps to reduce free radicals, suppress inflammation and assist in detoxification. It has also been found to inhibit early cancer cell growth and encourage cancer cell death.

Suggested use is 5 rounded scoops (or tablespoons) into a recommended Vital Nutrients shaker bottle with water or another beverage. Shake, drink, and enjoy.

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