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Vim & Vigour (Vegan Omega-3) - 60 Capsules | Bare Biology

Vim & Vigour offers a vegan omega-3 supplement with astaxanthin, all from sustainably grown algae. This is a plant based alternative to omega-3 from fish oil whilst still offering all the benefits.

-May help to support heart health

-May help to support optimal brain health and function

-May help to support eye health

-Contains both EPA and DHA forms of omega-3

-Contains astaxanthin, a carotenoid which gives salmon and shellfish its pink colour, from sustainable algae

-Sustainably sourced and vegan friendly

Research has demonstrated just how important omega 3 is for good health. From supporting the heart to the brain, omega 3 has so many health benefits. Each dose (2 capsules) contains 500mg DHA, 250 mg EPA and 4 mg astaxanthin.

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