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True MCT Oil (C8 & C10)- 500ml | Ancient + Brave

True MCT is a metabolic oil sourced from pure coconuts. MCT helps you stay fuller for longer whilst stimulating nutritional ketosis, which can help your body burn fat for fuel. Contains two healthy fats C8 (caprylic acid) and C10 (caprylic acid)

• C8 and C10 raise ketone production and contributes toward satiety

• Supports the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel

• Easily converted into ketones which provide an alternative energy source for brain cells

• Supports mental performance and cognitive function

• Sustainably sourced 100% from coconuts, and not from palm oil

• Extracted using pure steamed distillation

Versatile healthy fat that can be used in cooking at low temperatures and also drizzled onto salads and soups. It is clear, odourless and tasteless. Helps optimise metabolism and fuel cellular energy. Blended with your morning coffee, it can help you fuel up your day.

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