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Toxaprevent MEDI Pure - 60 Capsules | Toxaprevent

Toxaprevent MEDI Pure is an ideal solution to detox heavy metals, ammonium and histamine from the body. Enables natural and safe clearance of toxins.

• Helps to clear histamine and heavy metals

• Removes toxic substances from the upper digestive tract

• With a pure and safe form of Zeolite (medical grade clinoptilolite Zeolite-MANC® particles)

• Can help reduce gut inflammation

• Does not get absorbed by the body

• Helps regenerate the intestinal mucosa

Zeolites help to eliminate unwanted toxins from the body, as they are clinically proven to bind heavy metals, aluminium, histamine, and ammonium from the body and skin. MANC® particles are optimised to stay only in the digestive tract making sure they never pass the gut barrier. This means the toxins are safely bound and detoxed with the MANC® particles via natural bowel movements. The use of Toxaprevent helps to improve digestive health and can help improve food intolerances. High quality natural ingredient, analysed for purity and potency.

Suggested use is 1-2 capsules with water before every meal.

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