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Humic & Fulvic - 3.7 Liter Container | Mother Earth Labs

Humic and Fulvic liquid contains all the nutrients we need for optimal health.

• Helps to improve nutrient absorption

• Provides 72 macro, micro and trace minerals

• Offers powerful antioxidant support

• Promotes healthy GI balance

• Supports natural cellular detoxification

• Can help neutralise free radicals

Humic and Fulvic supplies full-spectrum macro, micro, and trace minerals to help you fill in any gaps and rebalance your mineral levels for optimal cellular function. As the smallest of all humate molecules, fulvic is easily absorbed by our bodies despite being able to carry nutrients over 50 times its weight. These highly energized molecules are powerful antioxidants, quickly neutralizing free radicals and reducing the cellular damage that may occur. Fulvic can also donate its excess electrons to help recharge cellular membranes and increase each cell’s ability to intake nutrients and expel toxins.

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