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Silvercillin Spray - 118ml | Designs For Health

Silvercillin™ Spray is a highly effective preparation composed of pure silver complexed with purified water. It has broad spectrum effects and helps support the immune system. The formula uses a special technology that allows for the silver to totally dissolve in the water.

• May support the immune system

• May support gastrointestinal health

• Can contribute to a healthy inflammatory response

• May help to enhance the body’s natural defences against unwanted bacteria

• Non-toxic, even if used long term

• It does not interfere with antibiotics

The silver in this product will not build up in the body and can be safely used long-term with no known side effects. As a result, the pure silver in Silvercillin™ has been shown to provide a host of health benefits. Unlike prescription antibiotics, Silvercillin™ targets specific organisms while sparing the body’s beneficial bacteria.

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