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Salvestrol Natural

Salvestrol Platinum - 90 Capsules | Salvestrol Natural

Salvestrol Platinum contains beneficial salvestrols, potent antioxidants found in some fruits with many health benefits.

• Beneficial source of antioxidants

• Helps to support a healthy immune system

• Can help improve cell function

• Essential nutrients to help maintain good health

• Can help lower inflammation

• Can help prevent chronic diseases

Salvestrol are natural potent antioxidants found in some fruits, like oranges, berries or grapes. They are produced by plants to protect themselves from oxidation. When we ingest salvestrols our cells benefit from their properties and can contribute to lower inflammation, help prevent chronic diseases and boost immune function. This all natural formula contributes to boost health and maintain a strong antioxidant capacity.

Suggested use is 1 capsule twice a day.

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