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ProBiota Woman - 30 Capsules | Seeking Health

ProBiota Woman is a specialised blend of 9 different species of probiotics in a prebiotic base.

• Supports healthy bacterial balance

• Can help balance pH in the body

• Provides beneficial bacteria for the vaginal microbiome

• Helps to support a healthy genitourinary tract

• With inulin to help increase microbiome diversity in the gut

• Supports healthy immune system function

ProBiota Woman contains Lactobacillus species to help support healthy microbial and pH balance in the genitourinary tract of women. When these organisms colonize the intestinal and genitourinary tracts, they secrete acid in their local environment. It is known that certain pathogenic organisms cannot survive in an acidic environment. As sufficient levels of acid-forming organisms increase, they support a healthy balance of non-pathogenic to pathogenic organisms. This formula also contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre sourced from chicory root that helps to “feed” and support colonization of probiotics.

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