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Optimal Vitamin C Plus - 164g | Seeking Health

Optimal Vitamin C Plus by Seeking Health is a powder containing a potent dose of buffered vitamin C, making it gentle on the stomach. Includes additional plant bioflavanoids for increased absorption.

- Supports a healthy immune system

- May help to promote health skin, hair and nails

- May help to balance histamine levels and may help alleviate symptoms from seasonal allergies

- Includes quercetin and luteolin from citrus fruits for additional antioxidant support

- Vitamin C powder in a well-tolerated, buffered form with the inclusion of calcium and magnesium

- Includes natural sweeteners from monk fruit extract and natural citrus flavours

Optimal Vitamin C Plus is a convenient way to get in your daily vitamin C intake, an important nutrient for overall health. It can be easily added to smoothies, water or juice, and is free from artificial sweeteners and fructose. 

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