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Optimal Magnesium 150mg - 100 Capsules | Seeking Health

Optimal Magnesium by Seeking Health is a source of magnesium in two well tolerated different forms, magnesium malate and magnesium lysinate-glycinate. The two forms have different benefits which provides a broader range of support.

- Helps to support healthy energy levels

- Supports bone health and density

- May help to support healthy sleep and mood

- May help to support healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels

- May help to support the immune system

- Can be beneficial for hormone balance

Optimal Magnesium provides a highly absorbable form of magnesium, in one simple capsule, that is gentle on the stomach and does not cause digestive upset. Magnesium is a critical mineral for over 300 reactions in the body. Found inside your bones and muscles, it is essential for healthy nervous system function, bone strength, and muscle relaxation. It is also a vital nutrient for immune system function and the the health of our genes. It also supports cardiovascular health and heart health and can help to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It can also help to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Magnesium deficiency can occur as a result of poor diets, or declining levels in poor quality soils. This may lead to symptoms such as muscle cramps and twitching, heart palpitations, constipation, high blood pressure, racing thoughts, migraines, fatigue, and poor sleep. Optimal Magnesium offers all the health benefits of magnesium in one simple capsule.

Suggested use is 1 capsule daily.

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