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Dr. Shade's NanoMojo - 50ml | Quicksilver Scientific

Dr. Shade's NanoMojo by Quicksilver Scientific provides a herbal tonic of adaptogens that have been designed specifically to support male health. It can be used to support a healthy stress response, improve energy levels and increase stamina. It comes in an advanced liposomal formula, making it fast and easy for the body to absorb.

- Suitable for men to support overall health and wellbeing

- May improve resilience and help to better manage stress

- Helps to maintain endurance and vigour, without overstimulation

- Supports mental wellbeing, helping to provide balance and harmony within the body

- May help to support male hormone balance

- Advanced liposomal formula for rapid absorption

Dr. Shade's NanoMojo contains a blend of 19 adaptogenic herbs that may be beneficial for male health. Adaptogens can support the body to cope with everyday physical and mental stress, particularly in times of increased stress. Being in a "fight or flight" stress state can negatively impact many aspects of health, such as energy levels and hormone balance, which can affect the sleep wake cycle. NanoMojo helps to increase resilience and endurance without overstimulating other systems in the body or affecting sleep. It can help to create a sense of calm and harmony in the body. NanoMojo may also help to support male hormone balance, which may positively influence fertility.

Suggested use is 2 pumps twice daily or more.

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