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Mum's & Bumps Omega-3 Fish Oil For Pregnancy - 30 Capsules | Bare Biology

Bare Biology's Mum's & Bumps is a specially formulated pure omega-3 supplement for mums-to-be. Just one capsule daily delivers 560 mg of DHA which is vital for mum's health and baby's development.

-DHA helps both brain and eye development in baby

-May help to support Mum from pre-conception right through to breastfeeding

-Does not contain vitamin A so safe to take during pregnancy

-Easy to digest and easy on the stomach

-Easily absorbable in the natural triglyceride form

-Contains no nasties and is from pure fish oil found in small fish such as mackerel and sardines to reduce the amount of heavy metals and pollutants

Mum's & Bump's is the perfect omega 3 supplement for women from preconception to breastfeeding. Babies need omega-3 in utero for healthy brain and eye development. 60% of the brain consists of fat and 20% of that should be made up of omega-3. Each batch is tested for safety and meets IFOS standards. There are no additional preservatives or additives used, just a little vitamin E to preserve.

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