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Mindful Omega-3 Fish Oil - 30 Capsules | Bare Biology

Mindful is an omega 3 fish oil with mental health in mind. It has a higher content of DHA than other fish oils, which is the type of omega 3 fatty acid that is important for brain and eye health. Mindful is an easy to take 1-a-day formulation.

-Supports brain health and mental health

-DHA contributes to healthy eye tissue

-One capsule contains the equivalent DHA to that in a tin of sardines

-The fish oil comes from smaller fish so less heavy metals and pollutants

-Easy to digest, gentle on the stomach and does not cause fishy burps

-Free from any nasties: natural fish gelatin used for the capsule and vitamin E used as a preservative.

Mindful was created with a focus on supporting mental health. Scientific studies demonstrate how beneficial omega 3 can be for both general brain health and function as well as mental health. Each batch is tested for safety and is IFOS certified for purity. The fish oils do not contain iodine and are tested for radioactivity.

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