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Methyl B Complex - 60 Capsules | BioCare

BioCare’s Methyl B Complex is an advanced high potency B complex with methyl B12 for energy, nervous system and methylation support. Methylated forms of B vitamins have been shown to be better absorbed and used by the body.

• Provides the metabolically active forms of B vitamins

• B vitamins support many aspects of health, including energy production and psychological function

• Vitamin B12 and B9 contribute to blood cell formation

• Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity

• Can help normalise homocysteine levels

• No unnecessary additives and yeast free

The B vitamins in Methyl-B complex are also referred to as 'active', because they are readily available to the body and do not require conversion to their active forms. Supports energy, mental health and wellbeing, hormone production and methylation.

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