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Magnesium Malate Powder 500mg - 250g | Seeking Health

Magnesium Malate Powder by Seeking Health is a highly bioavailable source of magnesium in a convenient, easy to use powder form. In malate form, it is well tolerated and better absorbed than many other forms of magnesium. Magnesium malate may be particularly beneficial for boosting energy levels and may suit people who lead active lifestyles, athletes or those who suffer from tiredness and fatigue.

- Supports a healthy nervous system

- Supports healthy energy production and may help to reduce tiredness and fatigue

- May help to support muscle health, contraction and relaxation

- May help to support healthy metabolic function

- Contributes towards bone strength and health

- May help to maintain healthy blood sugar balance and support healthy blood pressure levels

Magnesium is a key mineral for health that is needed for over 300 different enzymatic reactions in the body. Although it is found in a large number of foods, levels can be low, due to declining soil quality which results in declining mineral levels in our food. Magnesium works alongside calcium and other vitamins and minerals to support bone and muscular health, helping to prevent symptoms such as muscle cramps and twitching. Magnesium, particularly in malate form, can contribute to energy production and may help to boost energy levels, whilst also improving sleep quality. Magnesium is also important for helping to keep balanced blood sugar levels and healthy blood pressure levels.

Suggested use is one heaped scoop daily in water.

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