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Life & Soul Omega-3 Fish Oil (Clinical Strength Daily Mini Capsules) - 120 Capsules | Bare Biology

Life & Soul Pure Omega contains a high dose of omega 3 for all around daily wellbeing. Each dose (2 capsules) contains the same amount of omega 3 as a whole tin of sardines with bones. Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for achieving optimal health.

-Omega 3 supports heart, brain and eye health

-Naturally anti-inflammatory

-Omega 3 from sustainable small wild fish, never from farmed fish

-Using small fish that are at the bottom of the food chain, means that they are less likely to contain heavy metals and other pollutants

-Easy to digest and gentle on tummies

This is a great supplement if you struggle to consume oily fish and want to increase your intake of omega 3. Research demonstrates how important omega 3 is for cardiovascular health. It is also vitally important for brain health and function with research showing that it plays a role in mental health from conditions such as depression and anxiety to reducing the risks of developing dementia.
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