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Iron Tonic - 118ml | Vitanica

Iron Tonic™ is a liquid formula that includes iron, herbs and essential oils.

• Contains 10mg of elemental iron

• It offers raspberry leaf for its rich mineral content

• Contains lemongrass to offer red blood cell support

• It includes beetroot juice to support red blood cells and iron levels

• Gentle form of iron, will not cause digestive upset

• Contributes to healthy energy levels

Iron Tonic™ is part of the Vitanica’s Tasty Tonic range, formulated with therapeutic doses of herbal ingredients and blended with natural flavours and essential oils. This tonic helps maintain healthy iron levels. It has a delicious raspberry flavour and it is easy to take and dose because of its liquid format. Iron carries oxygen through the body and can contribute to healthy energy levels. Iron is also needed for the synthesis of some hormones and contributes to enhance the immune system.

Suggested use is 1 to 2 teaspoons daily.

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