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Immunitone Plus - 120 Capsules | Designs For Health

Immunitone Plus™ is an herbal formula designed to support a healthy immune system. It contains herbs that help support normal immune cell activity and the balance of cytokines. It includes the most active ingredients to make it suitable for long-term use and for all age groups.

• Supports a normal immune response

• Promotes a healthy inflammatory response

• Contains elderberry, to support antioxidant status in the body

• With beta-glucans, to help the body respond to potential threats

• Contains arabinogalactan, to promote microbial diversity in the gut

• Standardised herbs for optimal amounts of the most active ingredients

The herbs included in Immunitone Plus™ help support the balance of cytokines, which are the regulatory proteins released by immune cells as part of a normal immune system response. The standardized herbs in this formula contain optimal and consistent amounts of the most active ingredients.

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