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HistaminX - 60 Capsules | Seeking Health

HistaminX by Seeking Health is a formula that has been created to support immune health and provide relief from seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. It includes herbal and plant-derived compounds that support a healthy inflammatory response, helping the body to protect itself from environmental allergens.

- May help to reduce symptoms associated with seasonal allergies such as hay fever

- Supports the immune system and may help to promote a healthy inflammatory response

- May help to support healthy mucous membranes

- May help to support the body's natural healing processes

- May help to promote healthy histamine breakdown

- May provide a natural alternative to antihistamine medications

HistaminX may help to prevent or reduce the symptoms of common allergies such as hay fever that can be triggered by allergens such as pollen. Dietary changes, pollen exposure and stress can all affect the body's ability to maintain healthy inflammation levels and fight off invaders that may try to attack the immune system. The ingredients in this formula work together to support a healthy immune system and a healthy inflammatory response. The formula includes ingredients such a stinging nettle extract and quercetin, that have been found to act like natural antihistamines and provide symptom relief.

Suggested use is 2 capsules daily.

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