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Fulvic Active 400X - 120ml | Mother Earth Labs

Fulvic 400X is a super-concentrated fulvic acid with ionic trace minerals for cellular health, detox, and performance using Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™.

• Helps to support nutrient absorption
• Can support natural detoxification processes
• Can remove heavy metals from cells and tissues.
• Can provide powerful antioxidant support
• Offers electrolyte support for those on keto diets or intermittent fasting
• Provides up to 72 macro, micro, and trace minerals to be utilized as cells need them.

Without a proper energy charge, nutrients cannot get into our cells to support optimal health. And if minerals cannot get into our cells, it is like they never existed in the body at all. Fulvic 400X ionic trace minerals supplies the body with essential elements and trace minerals required by cells for optimal function. This means improved cell health and cellular detoxification support, which helps to rebalance minerals and electrolytes in the body.

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