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Evening Primrose Oil - 30 Capsules | BioCare

BioCare’s Evening Primrose Oil is a high potency source of omega 6 (GLA) with vitamin E to help maintain hormone balance and healthy skin. Can support cardiovascular health.

• Provides polyunsaturated fatty acids needed for many important physiological processes.

• GLA may help support female hormonal balance

• Can improve the metabolism of cholesterol

• Supports the maintenance of heart and blood vessels

• Contains vitamin E, to help protect cells from oxidative stress

• Without unnecessary additives or allergens

Evening primrose oil can have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body and support the normal functioning of female hormones. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are helpful in the metabolism of cholesterol and the maintenance of heart and blood vessels. Each high potency capsule contains 1000mg of pure evening primrose oil, along with 10mg of vitamin E.

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