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Dirty Genes Hardback Book - Dr Ben Lynch | Seeking Health

Dirty Genes, by Dr. Ben Lynch, is a book that offers a roadmap for optimising genetic health. Easy to understand and a practical tool to start working towards optimal health.

• Help to understand and identify genes

• Information on how genes can be affected by our lifestyle and environment

• Personalised plans to help you eliminate symptoms

• Understanding lab tests for each gene

• Recipes designed to support your genes

• Learn which supplements can help support specific genes

Dr. Lynch’s book has approachable information on genes and epigenetics. It can help you understand the root cause of symptoms or diseases, and shows you how to ‘clean’ your genes with targeted and personalised plans. Learn how to improve your eating or sleeping patterns to contribute to healthier gene expression. The book includes proven techniques to optimise gene function, lab tests for understanding each gene and recipes to support your healh. Take the quiz and start learning how your genes are working.

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