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Detox Formula - 60 Capsules | Vital Nutrients

Detox Formula is formulated to help liver function and support detoxification.

• Supports natural detoxification pathways

• Helps to maintain healthy liver function

• Contains potent antioxidants to help fight free radicals

• Can help boost the immune function

• Contains precursors of glutathione, the body’s ‘master’ antioxidant

• Includes natural sources of sulphur to support detoxification enzymes

Detox Formula contains a combination of herbs, amino acids and antioxidants that can help support the natural detoxification processes in the body. It offers silymarin, to help boost liver health, and green tea leaf extract, known to have a protective capacity in the liver. The amino acids in this supplement are natural hepatic protectors and contribute to support detoxification. Glutathione precursors are also included, to improve its potent antioxidant capacity and improve the body’s natural defences.

Suggested use is 2 capsules two times daily.

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