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Cat's Claw Elite - 50ml | Quicksilver Scientific

Nanoemulsified Cat's Claw by Quicksilver Scientific is a formulation designed to support the immune system. It contains a blend of immune-boosting natural ingredients that include cat’s claw, vitamin D, monolaurin and essential oils.

- Helps to support the immune system

- Supports joint health

- Supports bone health

- Contains vitamin D3, helping to raise the body's levels of vitamin D

- May help to prevent or reduce the duration of colds and flu

- Liposomal formula, for rapid and superior absorption

This herbal formulation contains ingredients that are designed to support the immune system, which also provide the additional benefit of supporting bone and joint health. Cat's claw, which is a vine found in the Amazon rainforest, has been found to have phytonutrients which are not only supportive for the immune system, but also help the body to heal. It has also been found to support joint health. The supplement also contains vitamin D3, which is the body's preferred source of vitamin D, and is an important vitamin for supporting the immune system and bone health. Monolaurin, which is found naturally in coconut oil and human breast milk, has been found to help fight infections and may be effective in treating colds and flu. This supplement also contains other essential oils, which are sources of phytonutrients and flavonoids, for additional immune-boosting benefits.

Suggested use is 1-2 pumps as needed.

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