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Calcium Citrate Pure Powder - 227g | NOW Foods

Calcium Citrate Pure Powder offers a highly bioavailable calcium to support bone health.

• Helps to maintain bone density

• Helps to maintain healthy teeth

• Contributes to muscular contraction

• Helps regulate heart rhythm and contraction

• Contributes to healthy blood clotting and wound healing

• Contributes to balanced pH in the body

Calcium is an important component of bones, and supplementing can be beneficial when sufficient levels are not being obtained through diet, or when needs increase, such as risk of osteoporosis or suboptimal bone density. Calcium is also needed to maintain pH levels within healthy range in our body and contributes to muscle contraction. It can benefit healthy heart rhythm and is involved in blood clotting and wound healing. This powder offers pure calcium citrate with no fillers or additives in a formula that allows easy solubility.

Suggested use is 1 ½ tsp daily in liquid.

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