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Biofilm Defense - 60 Capsules | Kirkman Labs

Biofilm Defense® is a combination of unique enzymes that have the ability to dissolve the sugars and fibrins in biofilms.

• Helps to dissolve biofilms

• Allows removal of biofilms from the body

• Supports the immune system

• Supports digestion of intestinal biofilm

• Gluten free

• Can be taken on an empty stomach

Biofilms protect unwanted microorganisms from the immune system. Scientists have discovered that the composition of most biofilms consists of sugar molecules or polysaccharides, minerals (such as calcium, iron and magnesium), DNA and fibrin. Biofilm Defense® degrades these components. Because it lacks any significant amount of protease, which can irritate a sensitive GI tract, Biofilm Defense® can be taken on an empty stomach.

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