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Bio.Me Prebio PHGG - 225g | Invivo Healthcare

Bio.Me Prebio PHGG is a low-FODMAP, water-soluble prebiotic fibre to support microbial diversity and help improve gut health.

• Prebiotic food source

• Can help balance bowel movements

• Dietary fibre that helps to increase satiety

• Well tolerated in SIBO and IBS

• Can help increase diversity in the gut

• Can contribute to increase beneficial Bifidobacterium

A soluble source of prebiotic fibre for both constipation and diarrhoea that is derived from guar beans. It helps rebalance the gut and can increase microbial diversity. It is suitable for individuals with existing gut symptoms. It easily dissolves in water and has no flavour. It is a heat-stable prebiotic that can be incorporated in baked foods or added to hot drinks, as well as smoothies, juices, etc.

Suggested use is 1 tsp daily mixed into a liquid.

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