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Bio.Me Essential - 90 Capsules | Invivo Healthcare

Bio.Me Essential was created to support a healthy microbiota, gut barrier, reduce gut inflammation and support the innervation to the gastrointestinal tract. It also works on the gut-brain axis.

• Contains polyphenols to help balance the microbiome

• Can support the gut-brain axis

• Helps calm the nervous system axis

• Can enhance immune cell activity

• Supports rest and digestion

• Can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol

Bio.Me Essential contains multiple evidence-based polyphenol-rich ingredients, including citrus bioflavonoid extract, blackcurrant, grapeseed, cocoa, pomegranate and green tea to balance and optimise your microbiomes. The addition of lemon balm, chamomile and withania supports the gut-nervous-system-axis and may help with gut symptoms associated with nervousness and anxiety.

Suggested use is 3 capsules daily.

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