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Absorb Plus Caramel Toffee Twist - 100g (Sample) | Imix Nutrition

Absorb Element + Toffee Twist is a delicious, nutrient shake comprised of all-natural ingredients in the most bioavailable forms. It requires very little digestion and is absorbed quickly. Contains natural sweeteners (maltodextrin, stevia leaf extract and a natural caramel toffee flavour). It is suitable for use on an elemental diet providing 370 calories per serving, or as a nutritional protein drink.

• Provides nutritional support with vitamins and minerals
• Contains organic cassava, for slower carbohydrate uptake
• May improve energy production and energy levels
• Can enhance the immune system
• Easy on the digestive system
• Helps to maintain or gain weight but not fat

Absorb Plus is a protein drink that has been carefully formulated to meet the unique needs of people who have problems chewing, swallowing, digesting or absorbing their food. Absorb Plus has exceptional nutritional value and extremely high-quality ingredients, including vitamins and minerals and a blend of amino acids, such as l-glutamine, which may help heal leaky gut.

Recommended use is 4 level scoops in a cup of cold liquid.

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