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Pure PC - 120ml | Quicksilver Scientific

Micellized Pure PC by Quicksilver Scientific is a pure, highly absorbable phosphatidylcholine (PC) supplement that can help to support cell membrane health, metabolise cholesterol and fat, support cognitive function, and support liver health. It comes in liposomal form, which is absorbed rapidly by the body.

- Supports the health of our cell membranes

- Supports liver detoxification

- Supports cognitive function and may boost memory

- May help to prevent neurodegenerative disease associated with ageing

- Supports the body's antioxidant status, which can protect the body from cell damage and help to reduce inflammation

- Supports heart health and may help to prevent cardiovascular disease

PC is a phospholipid that is found naturally in foods such as eggs and whole grains, and has a number of health benefits. Despite it being present in foods, a supplement may be beneficial for some people who may be at risk of deficiency, such as postmenopausal women, men, vegans and vegetarians. It is important for supporting liver detoxification by helping to remove toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals from the body. It is also beneficial for the metabolism of homocysteine, an amino acid which needs to be broken down, and in high levels, can increase the risk of dementia and heart disease. Choline is a precursor to phosphatidylcholine which is important for the synthesis of some neurotransmitters in the brain. Sufficient levels of PC are needed for many other functions in the body, including foetal development. Quicksilver uses advanced liposomal delivery for rapid and effective absorption.

Suggested use is 1 teaspoon twice daily.

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