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Genistein 125mg - 60 Capsules | Vital Nutrients

Genistein is a form of isoflavone that can help support cell health and the immune system.

• Contains a readily absorbed form of isoflavones

• Can help support the immune system

• Supports bone marrow health

• May alleviate menopausal symptoms

• May contribute to maintain bone density

• Can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Genistein is a naturally occurring compound found in isoflavones. It is a phytoestrogen, meaning that it can take up the role of oestrogen in the body where needed. It may be beneficial for lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease as it can help support lipid metabolism and improve lipid balance in the blood. It can assist women going through menopause as it may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and also improve other hormonal symptoms like hot flushes or vaginal dryness. Genistein also helps to enhance the immune system and may be beneficial in the support of bone marrow health.

Suggested use is 2 capsules twice daily.

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