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Eskimo-3 Brainsharp - 210ml | Nutri Advanced

Eskimo®-3 Brainsharp Fish Oil contains high-strength omega-3 with added GLA and CoQ10 to support optimal memory, concentration and cognitive function.

• Contains EPA and DHA to help memory and concentration
• With Omega 6 to support cellular communication in the brain
• Includes CoQ10 to enhance cognitive function
• With added vitamin D to support the immune system
• Can help protect cells from oxidative damage
• Contributes to healthy hormonal balance

This tasty lemon flavoured liquid omega-3 formulation is the ideal choice for those wishing to support brain health, because of the combination of the high quality fish oil with specific active ingredients to help improve mental performance. Our brains contain over 90% of omega 3 fatty acids, so supplementation has been shown to improve learning, mood, memory and concentration, making it especially beneficial for students and older adults. The addition of CoQ10 helps to support cell health and enhances the oil’s antioxidant benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health and vision.

Suggested use is 1 teaspoon daily.

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