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Toxaprevent Skin Powder - 18g | Toxaprevent

Toxaprevent Skin Powder offers effective topical zeolite powder that enables removal of toxic substances from irritated skin, wounds, bites and stings.

• Calms irritated inflamed skin

• Reduces redness and itching

• Can help heal open wounds, ulcers and bed sores

• Skin protecting and healing action

• Can absorb heavy metals and histamine from skin

• High quality natural ingredients

This Skin Powder contains MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite) designed to target red and irritated skin. It can be applied to open wounds to encourage healing. It has a calming action that helps to control the levels of inflammatory histamine that can cause allergic type reactions on the skin, so it can also work on bites and stings. This powder is analysed for purity and potency and it is ethically sourced. It is suitable for continuous use.

Should be sprinkled on skin and covered with sterile dressing material if needed.

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