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Toxaprevent MEDI Acute - 60 Capsules | Toxaprevent

Toxaprevent MEDI Acute is designed to target allergies. The tablets are coated to be released in the lower digestive tract, where they bind to histamine.

• Binds and detoxes histamine from the lower digestive tract

• Detoxes in the intestines and colon

• Helps rebalance the immune system

• It can help relieve hay fever symptoms

• Helps repair a leaky gut

• Contributes to rebalance histamine response

This formula contains capsules blended with MANC® particles and de-caseinated colostrum to help detoxify histamine and deposit colostrum in the intestines and colon. It can bind and remove toxins from the lower digestive tract, including histamine. It can help relieve hay fever symptoms and rebalance the immune system with its natural prebiotic action. It does not contain casein or whey protein, so it is suitable for dairy intolerant individuals. Contains pure zeolite, with no fillers or binders, and it is designed to improve allergies.

Suggested use is 1-2 capsules with water before main meals.

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