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Optimal Electrolyte (Orange Flavour) - 177.3g | Seeking Health

Optimal Electrolyte Powder is a natural electrolyte supplement that supports optimal hydration. Delicious orange flavour.

• Supports optimal hydration and fluid balance

• Helps to support energy and vitality

• Contributes to support mental clarity

• Can improve muscle twitching and cramping

• Supplies nutrients for healthy energy production

• Useful after intense exercise and sauna

Optimal Electrolyte Powder is formulated to promote all-day hydration and energy levels. Key nutrients support energy production and electrolyte balance. Beneficial for those who regularly spend energy, exercise intensely or sauna often. Around two thirds of the body’s water is contained inside the cells and electrolytes help to get the water where it needs to go to provide the cells with the electrolytes they need to produce energy. People experiencing fluid loss may particularly benefit from electrolyte replacement. The powder has a delicious orange flavour that is free from fillers, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

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