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Kids Multivitamin - 180 Capsules | Seeking Health

Kids Multivitamin contains over 25 key ingredients designed for growing children in the right ratios that are essential for growth and health.

• Can help to support the immune system

• Can help to support healthy methylation

• Supports bone and muscle development

• Can enhance detoxification

• Helps to boost cognition

• Free from copper and iron

Kids Multivitamin contains biologically active forms of essential nutrients. These forms support optimal safety, absorption, and utilization in the body. It contains bioavailable folate and B12, to support normal nervous system and brain development, as well as healthy methylation. It also contains milk thistle which contributes to improved detoxification pathways and helps with the production of glutathione, a key antioxidant in the body.

Suggested use is 6 capsules daily.

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