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FissureHeal Suppositories – Box of 12 | Imix Nutrition

FissureHeal Suppositories are a safe, natural, effective alternative to steroid suppositories. They are formulated to help soothe and heal anal fissures.

• Ultra thin for easy insertion
• Can help in postpartum recovery
• Can help those with IBD
• Can help in cases of constipation
• Composed of effective herbal ingredients
• Can assist in the healing of fissures and tears

Ultra-thin (1/6" or 3.5 mm in diameter) for easy insertion into sore or traumatized rectum. Extra-long (2 inches) to reach a fissure even high up in the rectal canal. Alternatively each suppository can be broken into 2 or 3 suppositories if fissure is closer to anus.

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