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Devigest ADS (Advanced Digestive Support) - 90 Capsules | Arthur Andrew Medical

Devigest ADS is a complete digestive enzyme blend to help to reduce digestive discomfort associated with the consumption of gluten-containing foods such as bread and casein-containing foods such as dairy. It is a 100% complete blend that provides enzymes to support healthy digestion and breakdown of food.

-Contains an enzyme blend to break down digestive irritants such as gluten and dairy

-May help reduce occasional gas and bloating

-May reduce digestive symptoms associated with food sensitivities

-May help to normalise digestive acidity levels

-May help to improve nutrient absorption

-Has a broad pH range which allows for complete digestion throughout the whole digestive system

Devigest ADS is a broad spectrum supplement that specifically targets gluten and casein. It includes lactase and alpha galactosidase to support the digestion of foods that can cause flatulence, abdominal bloating and digestive discomfort.

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