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CoQ10 Extra - 60 Capsules | Vitanica

CoQ10 Extra™ is a supplement containing CoQ10, an essential component of the mitochondria found in our cells. These mitochondria play a critical role in energy production, and CoQ10 can support numerous aspects of our health, including immune function and cardiovascular health. CoQ10 Extra™includes additional natural ingredients to support increased absorption and bioavailability of CoQ10.

- Supports mitochondrial health, the energy powerhouses of our cells

- Supports cardiovascular health and may help to support healthy blood pressure

- May help to support a healthy metabolism

- May be beneficial for dental health, especially gum health

- Supports the immune system

- May help to reduce tiredness and fatigue

Supplementing with CoQ10 may be beneficial for overall health, particularly in older adults. This potent antioxidant has been found to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and may reduce high blood pressure and help those with congestive heart failure. Vitamins E and C have been added to CoQ10 Extra™ as they provide an excellent source of antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and safeguard cells against free radical damage. Vitamin E also enhances bioavailability, allowing the body to more effectively break down and absorb CoQ10. Lipase, a fat digesting enzyme, has also been included to further support absorption of CoQ10, which is a fat-soluble nutrient.

Suggested use is 1 capsule daily.

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